Sunday, January 22, 2012

Transition from 'Immigrant' status to 'Twin mum' status

I am creating this blog to write about my experience as a newly acquired 'TWIN MUM" status

A lil background about that here----

Up until last year we have been in the DISC category (Double Income Single Child).My son who was about 6 years then kept on asking us for another sibling,as it is very uncommon here in Canada to have a single child.Usually people have at least 2 kids,unlike back in India,Canada does not have to think of its population.

Anyhow when our son kept asking, he went to the point that he used to feel very sad that he had no sibling! Part of the reason for that was that we moved to Canada when he was 3 and then it took us some time to settle down! When he started asking for a sibling we thought we were in a position to have another child and so by God's grace we did have that news that I was pregnant again almost after 7 years of having my son.

I had mixed feelings about that ...scared if my body would be able to do justice and be kind enough to carry this new baby to term, excited to be a mother again, embarrassed as it had been so long and 'what will people think of us' (not that it matters but STILL) Anyhow in the midst of this my only sibling my sister's long awaited wedding was around the corner, how would I be able to go for that back in India ?!

Anyhow I decided that this pregnancy would be different than the previous one as back in Dubai you don't have a choice for Mid wife, and I yearned that one on one experience my childbirth experience was very clinical and medical which SUCKED! So I was lucky enough that a Midwife had a spot available for me,here in Canada it is hard to find a Midwife as they take only limited number of patient as they want to give personal attention to their clients -cool huh!

My first appointment with the Midwife at about 8 weeks pregnant was a routine,she interviewed me and I interviewed her,she tried to find the heartbeat of my baby and she couldn't.She said it was normal to not find any heartbeat at that gestational age.So we left it at that and then the next appointment was after 4 weeks,but before that was my 'Prenatal Screening' test for checking if the baby had 'Down Syndrome' at about 13 weeks gestation.

Up until the 13 weeks screening there was no ultra sound done,I was exceptionally nauseous the whole day and night and would puke once every morning ,BUT unlike my first pregnancy did not Puke all the time,so I was very happy it was 'Better' this time.

On the day of my ultra sound I was asked to drink a whole lot of water and go which I did with my dear husband,there was this technician,3 student doctors and a Specialist doing the scan.

I lay on the bed,with my husband sitting on the side.The technician put the thingy on my belly and the doctor starts to look at the screen and exclaims 'BOTH their heads look just fine' and then he continues to  'And this it the nose of Baby A' and looks at us-my face must have been white or pale or red I don't know but surely had a very suprised look on my face-then the doctor exclaimed 'Oh you didn't know you were having twins ' did you?'

ME thinking- What? This can't be happening!
We thought we had all our finance figured out and we were ready for another 'Child' not Twins!
I don't have twins in the family, nor does my hubby,this must be a mistake!
May be the Doctor is seeing the same head twice!
We didn't take any aid for reproduction like IVF etc then how come we are having TWINS?
No!No! this surely is a mistake...

Back to the room where the doctor was explaining-Spontaneous twinning happens 1 in every 100 women (Imagine what the odds of me being that 1 women out 100 was) Wow! I sure am special that God chose me for this uphill of a task of carrying these TWINS!

Well that's how I found out I was going to have twins at the 13 week Prenatal IPS screening!

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