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Catching up on the 9 months gone!

Well the past two posts have been about trying to catch up on the Twin pregnancy here I am writing to catch up on how the pregnancy went overall as fast forward to present .... I am a very proud mum of a healthy girl/boy FRATERNAL twins.

Flashback to last year ..... We found out that we were having twins, but that was really all that we found out. Then the crazy 'Googling' started which made us realize that twins are either identical or FRATERNAL (hence the name of the blog -Frat short for fraternal) ours were fraternal which mean two eggs which were fertilized at the same time instead of identical which are one egg which splits after fertilization. Anyhow

My very uneventful pregnancy

@ 3 month---My pregnancy as such was quiet challenging as I kept having some on and off bleeding and when I say bleeding I mean 'BLEEDING' and not spotting, every two-three weeks. This would freak me out,first I thot this was due to it being before 12 weeks and was a miscarraige and after a very traumatic "EMERGENCY" experience we found out that the babies indeed were doing okay-this trend continued every 2-3 weeks right until 19 weeks.

@ 4 months ----- my sisters wedding was coming up, I was scared for the travel,but wouldn't want to miss it for the world.Anyhow we booked our tickets,it had been over 4 years that I had visited India and seen my mum and dad,I needless to day was very excited and started to count days/months/minutes and right upto the last second in the meanwhile my bleeding would keep coming everytime I would do something hectic.I wanted to get to the root cause of this and had a Perinatologist take a look,turned out my Placenta was low lying and hence the bleeding. Turned out the specialist advised against taking a trip to India. This really devastated me.I had not seen my family specifically my mum and dad for over 5 years now and my sisters wedding was one thing I wouldn't want to miss for the world! But then if it were three lives to think of mine and the two inside of me then that was something I should think of I was caught between a rock and a hard place so to say. Anyhow after much back and forth about what the right thing would be to do I broke the news to my aai  (mum) she obviously was so disappointed.

4 month preggo me

My sisters wedding was the hardest thing for me as I was not attending,and as per my dads description it was something that you wouldn't see in a long time. 

@5,6,7 months 
                                                                 Month 5

                                                               Month 6

Month 7

One of the motivations to keep going during my pregnancy was that my mum would be here (visiting from India) for the birth of my twins a month before the twins arrived. I was so excited as I would be seeing her after 5 years and we would be able to spend sometime alone before the twins arrived.

@8 months- My Aai (mum) would call me every second day if not everyday to ask my well being, today I realized that I had not called me for over 3-4 days, and it was okay or rather better for me cus I was battling a high blood pressure and did not want mum to worry. My relation with my mum is such that I would not be able to keep this away from her,and even if I did try and keep it away from her ,she is a very sharp mum she would know somethings up my sleeve anyways! So that day she did finally call and asked my well being I lied that I was doing okay and I asked her how she was -she was having some back problems for a while and was getting treatment for that.She told me that she had had a MRI scan done and turns out that she needed to do a 'Disk replacement' surgery RIGHT AWAY! Then I heard her sobbing,I was a little confused about this news and still process what the implications of this news meant.She was in a bad shape and they (her and my dad had kept this news away from me as they wanted to protect me from the worry) The implication would mean that my aai would not be able to make it to my twins birth.Plus she would be having a spinal cord major surgery.

  • This was particularly hard for me, I was swollen to the core. My hands and legs were so swollen that I could not even hold a fork in my hand or wear any footwear except flip flops.Also after the twins arrived I had no family here to turn to,my mother in law(whose also back in India) when asked had flatly refused to help me out with any excuse that her health may not permit.I had no idea how my husband and I would manage 3 kids -our older son and the newborn twins.

  • I had no idea how to bath a newborn,for my older son Aai would do it back in Dubai. Also you do get some help easily in Dubai. There are these women who specialize in infant and mum massage. They come to your home at a designated time to massage you and your newborn and then they would also bath the baby. New mum massage is something the west lacks I feel.It is scientifically proven that massage the new mum's uterus with some warm oil does help with the loose skin. 

  • I also did not know what to do when it comes to lactating mums special nutrition.Back in India and also for my older sons time. Lactating mums are given lactating agents-all natural for e.g-Fenugreek Curry helps in lactation.Special sweets containing Coconut,some special seeds,jaggery,dried fruits are given to the new mum so she lactates well and the baby gets all these nutrients
  • Another thing we needed to think of was what would we do with our older son when it was birthing time,we have some pretty awesome friends who all offered to take care of him when we would be in the hospital. Our son on the other hand was not very happy with this whole arrangement, and wanted to stay home.

                                                     8 months

@9 months- Week 36 I had my OB-GYN appointment . My hubby would come for every single one but this day he had to drop our son to school and so he dropped me first and then went to drop our son. In the doctors office the doctor checked my blood pressure and realized it was pretty high and advised that I go to the hospital right away and get it checked out there. I waited for my husband in the parking lot, when he came we went straight to the hospital. The OB-GYN  thought it was wise for me to get admitted in the hospital and she also said that they would observe me for the next 24 hours,if the blood pressure does not go down they would no choice but to induce me!!!!!!!

I was so scared the whole while,not for the whole labor and delivery but as I did not want the twins to come so soon,I knew,even though the staff said otherwise, that they were not ready. Inducing would mean asking them to come when they were not ready and that would bring about a lot of other complication with premature babies,induced labor,risk of having to do a C-Section etc.

The best advise I got from a nurse by the name 'Penny' she said although everyone is saying I could be induced she would think I can and have the right to refuse induction if I think it isn't the right thing my blood pressure then was 90/130 which was not super duper high. I decided I would take this opportunity to rest and would take her advise to refuse induction -if at all the next day. That day passed in anxiety the next morning there was another OB-GYN who came early in the morning at 7 am Dr Huckell she said that looking at my past 24 hours reading she does not think it is necessary for us to induce and get these two out! YAY! I was able to go home.

My twins were born exactly one week after this @37 weeks I would be writing about my labor and delivery in the next post.

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