Friday, December 28, 2012

God didn't have my cellphone number

I had a very dear friend visit us the other day, and we happened to chat about her having another baby (Since she has one currently). She said to me-'Well I don't mind having A (*read* SINGLE) baby but I DON'T WANT TO HAVE TWINS especially after already having one'

So I thought to myself 'Who would WANT TO HAVE twins after having 1 already really? Tell me?" BUT I SAID TO HER 'Well GOD DID NOT HAVE MY CELL PHONE NUMBER' and we had a good laugh

On a much heavier note-What makes it okay to be rude to a Twin mum? Are we Twin mums really that CURSED? or are we blessed that we HYPER OVULATED-well atleast I did cause my twins were ALL NATURAL due to my body HYPER OVULATING!

Regardless of how we conceived our twins, it is a whole lot of work, but the funny/ sad part of the whole thing is that people do not even realize that they are being rude.

Anyways I am so glad that GOD DID NOT HAVE MY CELL PHONE number to to ask me if I wanted twins, as I would have these wonderful adorable babies that I do have.

And although all these is a whole lot of work with no help except from hubby darling and Big brother I know from experience that this is going to pass and they are going to grow up.

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