Friday, December 28, 2012

DIY CAKE SMASH for the twins first birthday!


A year has gone by, I had mentioned in my last post that the next one would of my Hypno Birthing experience HOWEVER I am keeping that aside and writing this one just as I have this fresh in my mind.

So it is my Daughters 1st Birthday today my sons was yesterday,I was toying the idea of doing a CAKE SMASH photos taken for a while now.So I shopped around online to check out the prices and ..........after a  whole lot of research found out that it costs anywhere from $200 to $ 350 for a single child's cake smash.I frankly did not have the heart to even check how much it would be for a twins cake smash. I on the other hand was not ready to pay this amount just for a cake smash photography taken, so I thought why not take this up as a DIY CAKE SMASH PHOTOGRAPHY PROJECT.

So I thought I would order a cake from a custom cake person that I know,when inquired about this I was told 1 cake is $30 so for me it would be $30 x 2 ,this momma was on a mission- mission to save some $$$. I also inquired about TUTU dress and they too are in the range from $30 upwards plus shipping if you order it online.


Step 1 -Went to Michael s and bought a Tulle Fabric, it costs about $4 for a 2 yard roll, you will find it in the  Wedding section. Measured the length that I wanted the TUTU to be and cut the Tulle fabric double that size so in my case it was 40 cms that I cut for my baby girl.I measured my baby girl's waist and cut the elastic ban that much and sewed it with needle and thread by hand.Then attached the elastic band (sewed to a Kitchen tissue roll) then kept going all over and tied the cut tulle roll tied it like a you would tie either a simple knot or a tie .I personally tied it like a tie.

Step 2- Bought a Cake mix, ready made icing, decorations like sparklings, choco chips etc from the the store. I also bought the Pie baking silver foil from the dollar store.Baked the cake the night before and decorated the cake with the icing and the sparklings.

Step 3- Made the Silver foil which the cake is sitting under with a Diaper box cut into round, then I stuck the cooking Aluminium foil to it.

Step 3-The BACKGROUND SET UP -Bought a $12 dollar white twin sheet pasted it to the wall where we were going to take photos along with painters tape-took quiet a few trail / test shots to see how it looks. Bought some 'Happy Birthday' Banners, and Balloons from Dollar store again to add to the background.
Here's a test shot

Here are some Final result shots

Do these photos look like they were done professionally? Heck no But did I have fun doing this project OF COURSE yes Every bit of it !

Yes it was a lot of work, yes if you go to a professional photographer the results are better and with a lot less work BUT that would not have made it so special and memorable for me.

I wanted to do something special and this was a gift to my twinkies.


  1. Hi Sheetal,

    You saved a LOT. Need to learn from you girl. Amazing pics and I understand the effort. Looking forward more posts on this corner.

    1. Thanks Gowri for your kind words! You've encouraged me to write on this blog too-I am going to start soon! Thanks again for stopping by!

  2. Actually i googled for Cake smash ... interesting concept... I am really inspired by your effort and the pics. The kids are beautiful. I want to do this for my sonny boy and i think it should be done on first birthday.. better late than never i say :-)

    1. Its a trend here, and I am sure it will catch up in India too :) you can set the trend Gowri! Please do share your fotos and all the prep in your blogs too :)