Friday, March 15, 2013

Got to slow down the GROW button

You can only imagine what life is with two toddler and a 9 year old in my house! CHAOS is the word I call it!

I was looking through the photos of the twins and just realized they have been growing up all way too FAST ! But then again I feel they should have been at least 4 year old by now! There are days when I want them to be all grown up and not need me so much and then there are other days when I feel that they should always remain babies. Although I know that they will in fact always remain my babies, it will never be the same the way it is now.

I cannot start or stop saying how hard the past 14 months of their lives and 9 months before that has been so tiring and a real Roller Coaster of a ride, and still I know that this time is so less,that they are going to be all grown up and doing their homework all too soon, just like their Chinu (Big Brother) does.Taking care of twins has by far been the most challenging, hard,scary thing I have ever done in my life.I still am very anxious when I am all by myself taking care of them.

Chiku (Twin boy)  is getting to be a very head strong person with love Mommy to bits, to the point he would not want to leave me even for to visit the washroom. Chima (Twin Girl) on the other hand will cry when her twin brother cries, so when he starts she will just chorus along with him .

One more thing that the twins do these days is whenever I put the Magic Bullet or the Food processor on-It makes a whole lot of noise -like a VROOM kind of noise-and they will echo that noise along -So they would go -VROOM along with it,

Chiku has also learned to fake cry these days so he will make his eyes small, his nose a little snotty and then open his mouth and start to make a sound like he is crying but actually he isn't crying he just fake cries-its super cute, I have been waiting to take a picture of that and couldn't

Once in a while Chiku lets Chima be in good terms with him and he does let her kiss him! Too cute :)

Most of the times, it is that Chiku wants to get whatever Chima has so for e.g Chima was playing with a Hair brush he will go and pull it from her hand and go and hide in their tent and play, then to calm Chima,I give her a Toy dogy to play with Chiku will come and pull that away too! 
I don't know what it is with this boy.


  1. So cute Sheetal. My sonny boy too does this fake cry. I have captured a video of it. Its so cute, sometimes I want him to cry to look at his cute face. But the trouble they make, my my my ... I wonder how difficult yet enjoyable it would be with the twins.

    1. The fake crying is really very cute and yet naughty too-that means they know we'll react-lol! You're lucky to have been able to video record the fake cry Gowri-haha so cute!

  2. They are sooo cute Sheetal....I love twins..although I do relasie they r lot of work.
    My 4 year old boy still does the fake cry..cute..but sometimes I do get stressed out...

    Do you mind sharing with me(maybe in an email) your twins conceiving story? Is it more of a "oops we did not try for twins but we got lucky with twins" kind of a deal?Or somehtign else?Only if u r comfortable...

    1. Hi dear,

      Thanks for stopping by, my story is this post

      Our twins are surprise twins which is called 'Spontaneous twinning' which happens 1 in every 100 pregnancy's here in Canada. After the initial OMG moment we are very happy with happy and wouldn't want it any other way :)