Monday, July 15, 2013

"NO" and "WATER"

It's been a while since I posted last over here, but I've got to post more often as the twins are growing so fast.

They have started to be more friendly with each other at times and the twin boy is so naughty and usually the BRAT in terms of hitting and pushing his twin sister, he often pulls her hair. The mumbling is super cute too, twin boy has started saying "NO" so opinionated-ly .

Like yesterday I said "Come, lets change your Diaper" and he goes "NO" or when I say "Come on ! Time for bed" and he'll say "NO" and with a lot of attitude-that it melts my heart everytime.

The twin girl is so super cute, she has this doggy (sift toy) which she literally can't live without, all hell breaks loose if you part her from that dog! It's cute in a way, and this morning she was all ready to go to the daycare and I said "You can't take the doggy to the daycare" and in my mind I thought "Oh boy! we're going to have a meltdown now" but I also explained to her that "Doggy is not allowed in the daycare" and she went and kept the doggy.She's also learnt to say "Water" but with a little bit of a British( I think) accent-maybe she gets the accent from us, but cus teachers in the daycare would say "WaDer" not "waTer" we sound the T very precisely but even the bif brother will say it with the D and not the T.

Now that it is summer time the kids are enjoying themselves and twin boy loves to go for walks and even demands walks he'll say 'Wau'

Enjoying being naughty in their tent which they have now broken

Down by the Lake-picturesque-Super Natural-British Columbia

She doesn't like to wet her feet too much, or get the sand on herself, she is a clean freak and refused to go in the water where there is sand, she is okay in the swimming pools though!

Big brother, first said he didnt wanna swim and didn't get his swimming trunks and then ended up diving in with his shorts. :P Silly boy!

Twin boy has no fear of the water or anything else, and in his mind thinks he is as old as his big brother and wants to do everything the big bro does.

Having a snack after!


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  2. Lovely pictures ...thanks for sharing

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